Alumni Speak

  • jagran_biyani

    Nisha Sharma

    When I work with corporate I realize the value of the training that I gained from my mentors. My time with JIM has shaped my thinking as a person, and I have extremely fond memories of my time here.

  • jagran_senghal

    Shantanu Misra

    "Transformation is more important than learning". In learning only one person gets the knowledge but through transformation more than one person gets knowledge that is powerful In Jagran Institute of Management there is a great transfer of Knowledge.

  • jagran_naveen

    Taruna Singh

    I had a good learning experience at Jagran Institute of management. I must mention that my Director and all my lecturers who are the pillars of JIM provided me excellent guidance and support during my course which helped me to choose my career in the right path.

  • jagran_naveen

    Jaya Tandon

    The credit for success in my career goes to Jagran Institute of Management where I was exposed to many workshops, seminars about current trends in each stream and the Guest faculty to handle the specialization papers which helped me to organize my self for my career growth. I sincerely thank all the faculty members of JIM who helped me to set my career goal and achieve my placement ambition.

  • jagran_naveen

    Rajiv Jaiswal

    Jagran Institute of Management is not a conventional institute to learn just management. I am what I am due to the transformational period I had there, in which I learnt aspects of business and of myself.

  • jagran_naveen

    Ayush Saxena

    The two years at Jagran Institute of Management gave me access to the best learning environment, top facilities a student could want and the most amazing experiences which helped me learn and grow as a person.

  • jagran_naveen

    Mayank Trivedi

    The single factor I am thankful to Jagran Institute of Management for is that it has made me confident and self- reliant. I remember my very first presentation when I was trembling, my papers were falling and I almost forgot what I had to say next in the midst of a presentation. Now, when I have to present in front of more than 1500 people I find it a cakewalk. The credit goes to my alma-mater

  • jagran_naveen

    Deepti Arora

    Education is all about making one to face difficult times with confidence and the way to overcome it. Jagran Institute of Management has given me a lot of confidence and knowledge to face the corporate world. It has also helped me to discover myself as an individual and being professional.

  • jagran_naveen

    Abha Pandey

    The learning process which began for me from day one carried on throughout the two years beyond the lecture halls and conference rooms. The education I received has really helped me become independent and shape my future.

  • jagran_naveen

    Mohit Jaiswal

    The modules are designed in such a way that, it not just enhances the knowledge base of the students but also increses the analytical approach towards te subject. The intensive training and the hardwork of the faculty members definitely helped everyone in the batch to groom themselves as per the industry requirement.

  • jagran_naveen

    Pawan Raj Srivastava

    TQuality education is all what every college speakes and promises in the present day, but unfortunately very few colleges actually deliver them. At JIM education has always been “ A Crest above the Rest”. Knowning a very fact that books are not the only way of learning, the colleges has taken immense efforts to see to it that each and every student gets the maximum possible exposure in practical fiels to.

  • jagran_naveen

    Nishant Dixit

    Jagran Institute of Management with excellent atmosphere, highly conductive in terms of creativity, the appropriate learning environment looks forward for talented achivers seeking to immerse themselves in a rigorous and challenging PGDM program.